Find Your Fun! July 24-28, 2019
Wed – Sat: 11 am to 11 pm, Sun 11 am to 8 pm

Guest Services

2019 Lane County Fair Map

Parking at the fair...

  • Parking at the Fair this year will be managed by Lane County Mounted Posse and Search and Rescue as a fundraiser for their organizations. Parking in the Yellow/F Gate and Orange/D Gate parking lots is $5 per car--cash only. For questions please contact the Lane County Mounted Sheriff’s Posse, see the Fair map for parking lot locations. 

Can I Bring...

  • pet? 

    • No.  The only animals allowed on the grounds are service animals, animals on exhibit or those used in entertainment.  We do not have accommodations for pets at the Fairgrounds. 
  • ...knives, scissors, and other sharp implements? 

    • No. We want the Fair to be a fun and safe experience, so we ask that you please leave these items at home or in your vehicle. If you wonder whether something is allowed or not, it probably isn't. Please help us keep the Fair fun for all.
  • ...pepper spray?

    • No. We prohibit anything that can be used as a weapon. This includes pepper spray and any other similiar sprays. Please check your purses and pockets before you come to the Fair for anything you carry around that could be harmful to others. 
  • own food and beverages? 

    • Yes. "Fair Food" is a big reason why people visit the Fair each year, but if you have dietary or other reasons for wanting to bring your own food or beverages, please do. 
  • ...coolers or ice chests? 

    • No. 
  • ...backpacks, camera bags and diaper bags? 

    • Yes. 
  • motorized wheelchair? 

    • Yes. Guests with disabilities are permitted to bring in motorized scooters with three or more wheels to be used as a mobility device. You can also rent non-motorized and electric scooters at the Fair.  Please see the "Patrons with Disabilities" section on the Guest Services page for more information on renting a wheelchair. 
  • ...a skateboard or roller skates? 

    • No. The Fair attracts large crowds and we want everyone to move about at the same pace for safety reasons. Please leave skateboards, foot-pedalled scooters, roller skates (including children's wheeled shoes) and other wheeled toys at home or in your vehicle. 
  • ...a bicycle? 

    • Yes, with restrictions.  You may ride your bicycle to the Fair, but you may not bring it inside the gates.  We have set up Bike parking at each of the Fair entrances and you may lock your bicycle at any of the three locations, using your own lock. These Bike parking locations are offered for your use FREE OF CHARGE
    • NEW THIS YEAR: Eugene's bike share system, PeaceHealth Rides, offers a healthy, convenient, and fun way to explore! A network of 300 bicycles and 40 stations is available for users to pick up an drop off publicly available bicycles for one-way trips across the city. With the new station on 13th outside the Lane Events Center, bike share is the perfect way to get to the fair!

      To get riding, download the app or visit our website Enter the promo code LaneCountyFair19 for $5 of ride credit good on any payment plan for new or existing members.

  • ...a wagon or stroller? 

    • Yes. Small children may be pulled in a wagon at walking speed by adults or responsible older children. You may bring your own stroller-- there are no stroller rentals available on the Fairgrounds. 
  • ...cigarettes?

    • No. All Lane County locations are now tobacco free.
  • umbrella? 

    • Yes, with restrictions. Umbrellas have sharp points on the tip and supports which can be dangerous in largely crowded areas.  Please use a wide-brimmed hat as a sun shield.  Rain is a very rare occurrence at the Fair.  If you must use an umbrella for shade, it cannot be more than three feet in diameter. Please do not use an umbrella in crowded areas. 
  • ...a folding chair? 

    • We do not allow folding chairs as we provide many places and chairs to sit inside the Fairgrounds. 
  • ...a gun? 

    • No.  For the safety of our guests and employees, guns may not be brought onto the Fairgrounds. 
  • My friend will be performing/selling a product. Can I bring advertisting stickers or flyers?  

    • No. Only vendors and Main Stage performers may distribute flyers from within their previously designated space

If the item you wish to bring is not addressed in the above sections, please email 

Patrons with disabilities

  • Admissions: 

    • One companion or personal attendant is admitted at the admission gates at no charge with the paid admission of the patron with disabilities.  (Please note: This courtesy does not extend to concerts admissions or midway rides.)
  • Parking and Entry:  

    • Accessible parking and entrance to the Fair is most convenient at the Orange D Gate. The Orange D Gate is located through the Jefferson Street parking lot, parking attendants will direct you from there. 
  • Service Animals:

    • ADA Recognized Service Animals are welcome at the Fair. For safety reasons animals are not permitted on rides. A member of your party must remain with the animal at all times.  

  • Wheelchairs & Electric Scooters: 
    • 2019 Wheelchair & Scooter rentals are available on site through Ted's Mobility inside the Orange/D/East Gate.
    • Rental fees are as follows:
    • Wheelchair Rental: $3.00 hourly, $20 daily (some exceptions apply)
    • Scooter or Power Wheelchair: $9.00 hourly, $50 daily (some exceptions apply)
    • Office phone number for Ted's Mobility: 503-908-7386

If you lose something at the Fair...

  • If you are still at the Fair when you notice something missing:

    • There are several places to look for the lost item: the Fair Information & Lost Kids Booth (for location please see "Where is the Information Booth Located" on the Guest Services page), in the black Funtastic Carnival Customer Service trailer on the North side of the carnival, and the Fair Business Office located at the Blue C Gate, with entry from outside of the Fairgrounds at Monroe Street and 13th Street. You can report a lost item at the Fair Business Office and if found, a representative will contact you for pick-up. 
  • If you find something missing once you have left the Fairgrounds: 

    • Please call the Fair Business Office at 541.682.4292.  If you get a voicemail instead of a representative, please include in your message: your name, phone number, and a detailed description of the lost item, and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.  Please be sure to:
      • Let us know if you filed a lost item report onsite, and if you did, tell us on what date it was reported.
      • Describe the lost item, using as much detail as you can, including the date you attended the Fair.
      • Speak clearly. When you leave your name and phone number, speak slowly enough that we can write down your phone number. Spell your name if you think that will help us to find your records. 
    • If you lost a cell phone, please include the phone brand (i.e Samsung, iPhone, etc.) and the phone service (i.e. AT&T), as well as any other information that will help identify your phone (such as distinctive wallpaper or custom decoration). 
    • If you lost keys, please include information such as how many keys, whether they are car, home or office keys and whether or not there is a key ring decorative item and if so, please describe it.  
    • If you have already filed a report on your lost items, please include that in your message. 

Lost items from the Fair will be kept until September 1st.  After that, they will be donated to charity. 

If you become separated from your child... 

Childen who have become separated from their parents are brought to the Information & Lost Kids Booth where they will have a quiet and safe place to wait. (For Info & Lost Kids Booth location please see "Where is the Information & Lost Kids Booth Located?" on the Guest Services page) 

Parents are encouraged to carry a cell phone. Teach young children the number and obtain a "Lost Child" wristband available at the Information & Lost Kids Booth.  Write the cell number and your relation to the child on the inside of the wristband. These wristbands may be worn by anyone of any age who is unable to remember a phone number. These bands do not have to be worn on the wrist, but can be attached to belt loops, backpacks, shoelaces, etc. 

Children who become separated from their parents should go to a uniformed employee or security officer and that person will take them back to the Information & Lost Kids Booth to wait for their parents. 

Where is the Information & Lost Kids Booth located? 

  • The Information and Lost Kids Booth is located on the Southwest corner of the Convention Center lawn facing the Yellow F Gate entrance.  Booth employees can help you locate attractions, answer questions about the Fair and provide your child with a Lost Kids wristband. Fair Program guides are available at the booth and also includes a Daily Schedule.
  • The Information and Lost Kids Booth is also the starting point for the Scavenger Hunt. 

Merchandise Purchased at the Fair.... 

If you have questions or concerns regarding merchandise purchased during the Lane County Fair, please contact the Fair Business Office at 541.682.4292. 

Nursing Moms

The Lane County Fair provides an area, included in the Toddler Zone specifically designated for nursing mothers. It is located in Meeting Room #1 on the northwest end of the Convention Center and is available to any nursing mother. 




Automatic Teller Machines are located throughout the Fairgrounds.  All ATM locations are listed on the Program Guide map which is handed out at all admission gates.  A $3.00 fee is charged for all transactions (fee subject to change). 

Smoking Policy

The Lane County Fair has a no-smoking policy and it, along with all Lane County properties, is tobacco free.

Recycling and Compost

Please use the blue and green bins located throughout the Fairgrounds to recycle Fair programs, glass, plastic and aluminum containers.